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At Sports Massage Therapist, we are proud to partner with a variety of companies to offer our clients the best in sports performance, recovery, and more. We are proud to offer Marc Pro muscle stimulators in our office for clients to use during their sessions. Additionally, we offer our clients access to the latest fitness equipment and strength training tools to help them reach their goals. We also offer special discounts to elite athletes, as well as everyday athletes, for our products from Set for Set, TRX Training and Marc Pro, to help them reach their performance goals.

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Marc Pro makes the best muscle stimulators in the market today for both muscle conditioning and recovery.  Click the picture to the right and use the code MCSPORTS for 10% off of your own Marc Pro


Set for Set makes some of the best Steel Maces in the world.  Their quality is unmatched and extends to their kettlebells and bands, allowing for a versatile space saving home gym.  Click the image to check out their website and use the code MCSPORTS for 10% off.  

Our partners at TRX Training have perhaps the most versatile and portable training solution in the world with the TRX Suspension Trainer.  With various configurations and bundles, you’re sure to find the right one for your training style.  Use the code TRX15MCSPORTS for 15% off.  

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Heart & Hustle Charity


Massage Concepts supplement store through local company Nutri-Dyn.  From multi-vitamins to protein powders and everything in between, Nutri-Dyn makes great supplements to fill the gaps in your nutrition.   

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