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Grow Women’s Wrestling


Gary has been working with wrestlers since 2017, specializing in sports therapy, helping athletes prepare for competitions, as well as helping athletes perform to the best of their abilities and recover afterwards. He would like to travel with athletes to national and international locations to continue offering his services, but needs fundraising to offset the costs of being away from his office. With the help of fundraising, Gary will be able to continue to provide his services with the same level of excellence, no matter where the athletes are competing.  Donations for this are accepted through PayPal below.  Thank you for any donation, it is greatly appreciated.  



The River Falls Sunshine fund is a student-originated & student lead non-profit organization
that originated to help a family going through a difficult time. These students quickly
learned there was an even greater need to help the community as a whole.


Check here for our current and ongoing projects to engage communities, help others, progress women’s wrestling and more.  Thank you for visiting and any donations are greatly appreciated.  
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